Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Coco, Tocantins, Brazil

    Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Coco, Tocantins, Brazil

    Excellent property with an area of ​​9600 ha, built for livestock, with excellent infrastructure, a closed gate, part of which may be used for planting rice by flooding, fruit and fish farming, and reforestation of teak and eucalyptus. £ 1.979.17/ha

    Topography: Flat

    ANALYSIS OF THE EARTH: pH 4. 5 to 5.5 composed of sandy clay and black clay (Varjão).

    WATER RESOURCES: 9 km border the Rio Coco. Waters from 11 perennial springs that run throughout the farm towards the Rio Coco, 11 perennial reservoirs. Lake with a circumference of 7000 m.

    PASTURES: 5900 ha formed in grass and kikuyu humidicula andropogon

    There are 46 divisions of Pastures and 9 km corridor.

    All new flat wire with wooden posts and Aroeira Pau Brazi wood.
    Poles with spacing ranging from 4 m for a total of 247 km with 4 and 5 wire.

    46 troughs for salt storage, wood Pau Brazil.

    Headquarters with a 280 m² area with masonry side
    Manager’s House with 120 m² area in front with masonry
    Foreman’s house with 100 m² area in front with masonry
    Cowboy House with 100 m² area in front with masonry
    Accommodation with 7 rooms and a kitchen in masonry
    Retreat to the lake side area 120 m² with masonry
    Retreat to the River Side area 120 m² with masonry
    Shed at 200 m² workshop with steel frame, galvanized steel tile warehouse and 30 sqm.

    The farm is served by 47 km of gravel roads.
    NOTE: There are no roads that cross the farm for other properties.

    Track Flight 1200 m approved by D.A.C

    Single phase 220 V – CELTINS
    All lit courtyard of the headquarters

    Tower 15 m with cell-rural
    Satellite dish TV with 19 channels

    Mounted mechanical workshop

    1 MF 292 tractor with blade Tatu Year 2002
    Tractor 1 17 TM Muller Year 1995
    A treadmill Fiat Tractor DA7D Year 1994
    1 MF 235 Tractor Year 1983

    3 Rossadeiras with Avar yoke
    Drag a Grade 12 discs Baldam
    16 Grade 1 hydraulic disc Tatu
    32 Grade 1 hydraulic disc Tatu
    Grade 1 hydraulic disc 16 BUCKET heavy
    A 52 Discs Tatu grader hydraulic
    2002 a year without using Shell Tatu
    1 lime spreader without the use Tatu 2002
    1 Seeder Baldam 2001
    1 Jet Seeder 2002
    Drill a solo Tatu
    A blade planadeira armadillo

    A Ford F-1000 Turbo Diesel Year 1993
    A Honda xl 125 Motorcycle Starter Electric

    3,300 head of cattle divided among registered bulls, cows, heifers, calves and heifers of Nellore.
    Troops with 17 animals between donkeys, mules and horses.

    Closed gate.

    A TOTAL AMOUNT $ 19,000,000.00


    Property TypeFarm
    Farm TypeAgricultural Farm


    Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Coco, Tocantins, Brazil

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