Silica Mine for Sale in Santa Maria, Bahia, Brazil


“This Silica Mine for Sale in Santa Maria, Bahia, Brazil will produce very high pure silica that is based on a deposit of silica sand mineral that occurs in the southern part of Bahia. 710 km from the capital of Salvador on 200 meter high plateau with gentle topography and very sparse vegetation, comprising an area of about 422 km², close to the city of Santa Maria Eterna, Belmonte on Highway BR-101 (paved road). There is a very well equipped seaport located 174 km from the deposit.

The deposit is formed by a superficial, thick, horizontal, and continuous bed of highly pure, unconsolidated silica sand. Its proven reserves amount to 70 million tons with an average SiO2 content of 99,84%.

Topographic surveys, auger drilling, systematic sampling, chemical grains, and size mineralometric analyses have been carried out for exploration. Eighty four auger holes have been drilled totaling 1.625 meters (5.337 feet).

The holes were topographically located in successive square grids of 200 x 200 meters (656 feet), so they could cover the whole area of the deposit.

Natural moisture has been determined to be 3%, and specific gravity on dry basis – 1.5 ton/m³. Those indicators were used to determine the reserves above.

Number of DNPM process is 873.321/2006.”