Quartzite Mine for Sale in Bom Jesus Pirapora, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Quartzite Mine for Sale in Bom Jesus Pirapora, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“This Quartzite Mine for Sale in Bom Jesus Pirapora, Sao Paulo, Brazil includes the extraction of phyllites and Quartzite occurring on the surface, and it currently has six Angelini Mining equipment tractors and loaders for this service.

Explosives are not necessary or recommended, because it is friable ore.

We should also mention that the equipment is not large and does not require complex maintenance.

Thus, our productive capacity is high and of low cost. Furthermore, slots A, B and C are already open and prepared for simultaneous production.

As an example of peak production, the month of July 2006, the mine extracted and sold 18935.20 m³ (about 32,189 tons.). As of 2004, a total of 123,334.33 cubic meters (about 209,668 tons) has been sold. UTILIZATION AND PRICES OF THE ORES:

The ores of quartzites and phyllites are applied mainly in animal feed, cement/lime and artificial construction such as sand.

Can also be used as a sub-base in road building. In 2002, quartzite was used on a stretch of the Beltway M. Covas.

As a component of animal feed, the ore is purchased per customer that dries and grinds the ore and resells to companies that add it to feeds for cattle and poultry.

As a component of cement/lime, the ore is used as a substitute of traditional lime, ensuring light color and plasticity to the product.

Artificial quartzite sand has an attractive white color or can be washed to obtain the following trend – ”natura.””
The current value in quartzite and phyllite ores is R$ 20,00 per meter cubic (m³), equivalent to R$28,00 per ton. This price is FOB – i.e. represents the ore extracted and loaded into trucks.

Mineração Angelini is located in the municipality of Bom Jesus Pirapora near the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The capital is in quick access of Rodovia Castello Branco, via Exit 26B on the SP-312 (Estrada dos Romeiros) – only 50.5.

The referred location is strategic in many ways. The proximity of the city provides cheaper freight and good facilities and logistics management. We should also note the absence of other similar or competing mines in this region.

The ability to achieve high productivity is without the need of previously prepared stock, perhaps one of the best features of this mine. Furthermore, we use a leaner fleet of machines such extractors and loaders.”