Iron Ore Mine for Sale in Mato Grosso, Brazil


“This Iron Ore Mine for Sale in Mato Grosso, BrazilIn has a total of 12 research priority permits, and only 2 of them are waiting for the publication of the research permit (846.658/2012 and 2012/866.502).

The other 2 areas are in the leasing phase for the company.

The Fortmine Brazil is not the owner of the soil on any of the areas, which were acquired as the existence of minerals was found on the surface and underground, which was presented by inhabitants of the region that then ” sold their findings. ” Only the area of the MT has content analysis (see annex).

A diverse portfolio:

– 6 areas required for the mineral of tantalum – 2 areas of Scheelite
– 2 areas of Granite
– 1 area of Aquamarine
– 1 area of Iron Ore

Only the iron ore area is situated in the State of MT, the rest are located in the northeastern region of the country, between the States of Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte.

The research published charter areas have already had the early research done. The company has authorized entities to submit paperwork on desired areas, both in the Northeast and in the State of MT.”