Island for Sale in Itanhangá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Island for Sale in Itanhangá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Island for Sale in Itanhangá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This beautiful large isle is located in the heart of one of Brazil’s hottest tourist areas, the gorgeous Angra dos Reis. The island has 2 hills of 100 meters high covered by tropical rainforest, totalizing 220.000 square meters.

Open Area to construct over 70.000 square meters, the rest is considered a nature preserved area of what is locally called here: Mata Atlântica.

A Mezzanine of 160 square meters with a right foot of 9 meters high;
A bar covering 60 meters of an outside covered area;
A complete Industrial kitchen of 80 square meters;
A large food stock deposit and a dressing room for the staff with 35 square meters;
Large open area to realize shows and events over 400 square meters with a right foot of 11 meters high built with thick bamboo and local palm leaf cover, a fantastic construction. A complete industrial kitchen and bar with toilets for men and women for large public events;
Private beach of over 2.000 square meters;
3 strong electric power generators;
3 helicopter landing areas;
Built Bungalows;
Chalé Flamboyant – 30 square meters
Chalé Ibiscus – 40 “ “
Chalé Samambaia – 20
Chalé Guapuruvu – 20
Chalé Manacá – 28
Chalé Acácia – 28
Chalé Maria sem Vergonha – 20
Chalé Caju – 20
Chalé Charles – 40
Chalé Marilu – 40
Chalé Superior – 20
All bungalows have their own toilets with hot water.

The light of the bungalows is produced by generator and each has their own fan.
Sewer system.
The island has 5 septic holes.
Running water.
The island use water from 2 natural sources, one on each hill.

The source on the hillside, from the stone, feeds the whole structure by gravity. The other is pumped.

For safety, the island counts with several reservoirs totalizing 150.000 liters.

The Itanhangá island is located at 3 km from the continent nearby the famous hotel do Frade, the Bracuhy Condo, the frade vila and the Yatch club of the coastal city of Santos. Nearby lives the famous Brazilian plastic surgeon Mr Ivo Pitanguy.

The island is situated 380 Km from São Paulo and 150 Km from Rio de Janeiro.

This island is one of the most privileged by its locale, easy access and by conserving a quarter of its original rainforest.