Island for Sale in Cachoeira, Bahia, Brazil

Island for Sale in Cachoeira, Bahia, Brazil

Ilha Nossa Senhora de Santana

120.000m ² of extensive flat topography, with an immense variety of fruit trees.

With 120,000 square meters located at the junction of a river and the Paraguaçu Cachoeirinha, the island of Our Lady Santana has flat topography and draws attention for its large green area and unspoilt nature, an immense quantity of fruit trees, so vast in number and in size.  It gives a special touch will local landscape by creating wonder who has the opportunity to walk among them, 30,000 square feet of huge trees, containing hoses (Itamaracá carlota), coconut, sapotizeiros, cashew, lemon, banana, Araça, orange, etc. and jackfruit trees.

The island has its documentation and carrying aforada the Heritage Union, has 50m private beach, free for any type of vessel in any state of tide, great potential to be exploited for ecotourism and land suitable for development projects in various segments as Eco Resort, Spa, Hotel, who can explore its beauties peculiar to the tropical region.

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