Winery for Sale in Mendoza, Argentina, South America

Industry Winery, Fruit Farm, Real Estate

Amount 16,5 Million US Dollars or JV

This is a family-owned winery founded more than 90 years ago and run by the family’s third generation. Their wines are exported to USA, France, Brazil, Panamá and China. Company enjoys long-lasting commercial agreements with clients, importers and distributors worldwide and it produces limited editions of modern wines which earned important awards at different international events in USA and Europe.

Vineyards are located in the top rated – as well as worldwide – areas of Mendoza and both enjoy privileged micro-climates. Total surface is 344 ha and vineyards are on average 56 years old. Varieties: Red Grapes (Malbec, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, Sangiovese, Barbera d’Asti and Syrah) and White Grapes (Chenin, Ugni Blanc, Pedro Jiménez and Semillón). Grape production is 1,300 tons and 3,500 tons of prunes, pears and apples are also harvested in the same premises and exported to Europe.

Property A: 258 ha in Tunuyán, Alto Valle de Uco at 1,100 meters above sea level.
Property B: 86 ha en Alto Verde, San Martín, at 880 meters above sea level (33° South, and 43 km from Mendoza city).

This vineyard produces high-quality red and white, young wines (varietal) and musts.
Production facilities feature 4,500 m2 for a consolidated capacity of 6.6 Million liters from 87 tanks in a 3-story building plus six other brick buildings. One of the main buildings is of a very traditional European construction with underground channels, wooden trusses and French oak parabolic ceiling. The production facilities were deactivated and grapes have been sold to other wine makers since 2002. Total building refurbishing and capital equipment need USD 1Mio. to be reactivated.

Properties enjoy power supply and irrigation rights. Watering system is supplied with naturally non- contaminated water from the Andeans. Tunuyán also features spring water from the Andes that not only irrigates the farm but also represents a business opportunity to be developed.

Both properties are also suitable for Sophisticated Tourism and Luxury Lodge/Hospitality.

Owner is selling his assets as the fourth generation heirs’ is quite numerous for a succession plan and diversified personal interests. However, owner is open to explore a Joint Venture and contribute with a minor stake or know-how as an operating partner.
Targeted Investor Investor experienced in the wine making industry, HNWI, SFO or P/E.

Total Investment
Property A + B: USD 16,5 Mio.
Property B: USD 2,5 Mio (property A not for sale separately).

Availability For sale now or JV. This is a Globalconnecta exclusive transaction.
Due Diligence
More details, financials, contracts etc. available after execution of NDA/Non Circumvent
Agreement. Disclosure of Interested Party.