Land for Sale in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

Land for Sale in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

A Land property of 1.7 ha (4.2 acres = 17000 m2) by the beach of Paracuru 49 miles (80km)north from the main city of Fortaleza. The property includes:

– Main house with 4 `en suite` rooms, very spacious living-room with toilet, spacious kitchen with service area (with 2 service bedrooms and a toilet)

– 3 guest houses near the main house, each with a room and toilet

– swimming pool

– lake with an island, serviced with a barbecue and eating area (with electricity)

– entrance house for the keepers

– produces cashew fruit and nut, coconut, mangoes and other fruits

– land with space for other investments in

products, animals or development

– 10 minutes walk from Paracuru city and

from beaches

Paracuru is a growing touristic city, with all

facilities and is in the kitesurf world circuit

competition. Great food and bars