Farm for Sale in Planaltina, Goias, Brazil

Farm for Sale in Planaltina, Goias, Brazil

Farm for Sale in Planaltina,  Goias, Brazil

Financing. Perfect for grain crop or livestock, located 80km from Planaltina – GO.

The road connects the property to the headquarters of the City, all paved. The area is formed in brachiarão and Andropogon. Araguagrass is 1600 ha and 1,150 ha of cleanencapoeirados.

The property is surrounded on the perimeter, and for the management of cattle has several divisions of pasture.

The topography is flat at 60%, from gently rolling to undulating and hilly 30% to 10%.

The soil is 80% clay and the remaining area is stony tracks. The color is predominantly red, with spots ranging from yellow to gray. The vegetation is savannah and woodlands.

Good water in a river, two streams and an artesian well.

Considering the topography, the availability of water and electricity, pivot installation is very easy.

Improvements: Main house, houses for employees, shed, warehouse and barn. It has electricity.

Price includes two tractors.

Documentation of the registered property at the IRB Planaltina of Goiás