Farm for Sale in Barra do Iguape, Bahia, Brazil

Farm for Sale in Barra do Iguape, Bahia, Brazil

There are two options to the concept of paradise, there are people who believe that heaven is in the high white clouds in the sky, where lie quiet angels strumming their harps, this should be tedious!
There is a second option, much more appealing when heard in heaven, we think of beautiful places with breathtaking natural beauty, palm trees, a beautiful private beach, the expanse of blue sea in front, the strong sun of a tropical country and brightening their days beautiful moon of a clear sky and without any pollution, causing the company to you and whoever else you want to share this magical place.

And if this paradise is located in one of the most famous tropical cities in the world, famous for its cultural diversity, cuisine, syncretism, Carnival and for its beautiful natural landscapes.
Now imagine all this in a beautiful farm, with all the infra structure in place and looks stunning. Few people realize that there is not so beautiful places. Have the opportunity to learn and acquire one of the most beautiful places on this paraíaso called Bar Iguape / Waterfall – Bahia.

The Farm Bar Iguape located in the Bay of Iguape, shortly after the bar Paraguaçu. It has 2140 hectares of which 10% caked in grass and umidícula braquiara decumbens, and 90% in dense forest, the entire property is fenced, containing rivers, waterfalls and springs.
The whole farm with a complete infrastructure both in rural as vacations homes built and paved access throughout their length and beautiful gardens very well maintained.

There are eight houses for workers, barn with stalls and deposits, corral, running water with spring on the farm, three phase electricity.
They are 2 km in front of the pier with Paraguaçu navigable sea containment, floating pier in hardwood and stainless steel, shipping France with a draft of 21m. Marina covered for five medium-sized vessels, several gazebos and a beautiful beach.

Throughout the property there are several pools in the shape of the lake, a natural lake with the creation of Arapaima, Pacu and Tambaú. All access to the property is by paved roads.
On the property there are underground caves of up to 300m in length.
A heliport, a chapel with religious sculptures in your gardens throughout the property there are several sculptures, hidden surprises for its beautiful gardens, natural pools, snow white and the seven dwarfs, witches, goblins, mushrooms, frogs, swans are part environment making it even more magical walk through the property.

There are 17 bungalows built in Swiss style in a water depth of four suites.
Parlor games and parties with bar and toilet, kitchen with barbecue, toilet and large open area several kiosks scattered throughout the long, multi-sports court, huge fruitful area, several rooms for guests, dining hall verandah kitchen with pantry, excellent for events .
The headquarters of the farm house in colonial style, taking around an incredible diversity of plants, all seven suites with terraced pool deck, bar, several lakes around, lounge, rooms, warehouses, and sauna.