Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Nordeste de Goias, Goias, Brazil

Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Nordeste de Goias, Goias, Brazil

Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Nordeste de Goias, Goias, Brazil

Exceptional property with an area of ​​approximately 18,000 ha currently set up to livestock. The flat terrain, good rainfall, good water, clay soil, and perfect logistics due to its proximity to Brasília, unquestionably, are positive factors for a large agricultural project. An altitude of 900 mts. Exceptional for soybeans, cotton, corn, coffee and sugar cane. £ 6.666.67/ha

AREA: 22,000 hectares


CONFORMATION OF LAND: 80% flat area 15% and 05% area undulating hilly area (forest reserve)


NEAREST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Brasilia-DF, less than 190 km

NEAREST ROAD BR: DF-345 and GO 118

Rainy season: October to March


DISTÂCIADE LIMESTONE: Brasilinha-140 km and -100 km Beautiful Fields

Main house and several houses for workers.



High voltage power grid with a length of 12 km

A dam with a compacted earth embankment measuring 105 meters
length, 11 meters wide (crest) and 3 feet at the deepest part. It has two channels drain pipes in concrete.

An embankment dam with Covenanted land, measuring 131 meters long, 8 feet wide (crest) and 7 feet at the deepest part. It has two gates with 0.60 meters in diameter, metal, guillotine, installed in concrete pipes. Thief natural stone measuring 4.40 x 3.00 x 20.00 meters.

An embankment dam in compacted soil, measuring 95 meters long, 8 feet wide (crest) and 2 meters deep. Channel leakage in concrete pipe (next to the airfield).

An embankment dam with a compacted earth, measuring 80 meters long, 9.60 meters wide (crest) and 6.50 meters deep, with thief compacted soil.

Four small ponds with compacted fill dirt and a thief.

31.49 km of canals for irrigation and water distribution to the pastures.

Four Australian drinkers with a capacity of 30,000 liters each.

A water tank with corrugated steel Australian type, with a capacity of 236,000 liters.

A semi-artesian well with a diameter of 6 “, lined with Mannesmann seamless tubes with 220 meters deep, dynamic level 160/170, 130 meters static level flow of 5,000 liters / hour, equipped with submersible pump, model SPS 4 “with FRANKLIN motor of 5HP and pump with 29 stages, GRUNDINI brand, stainless steel.

Price: $ 120,000,000.00