Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Maranhao, Brazil

This Farm for Sale in Mato Grosso, Brazil is excellent for highly productive Agricultural Farmland. It is only 150 kilometers from the nearest port via rail, a highly efficient way of getting production to market. The topography is flat, and it has very good water resources as well as three-phase power. It is currently planted with soybeans and has been for over ten years. The farmers currently practice traditional tilling techniques, and there are several adjacent properties for sale with a total potential area of land equal to 50,000 hectares. All properties are geo-referenced, and the land in the area is suitable for not only soybean but also cotton, sunflower, and sugar cane. Because of its size, its three-phase power, and large water source, the potential for a large ethanol or biodiesel plant large is very viable.  The property is valued at R$ 3,650.00/hectare.  Final note:  Access to the property via good, tarmac roads enables the transport of grain in B-trains at any time of year, regardless of rainfall.