Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Distrito Federal, Brasília, Brazil

Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Distrito Federal, Brasília, Brazil

Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Distrito Federal, Brasília, Brazil

Simply fantastic. Property with an area of ​​5600ha, complete structure for the planting of cereals under rain fed, crop 15 years, altitude 1050 to 1100 mts. There silos, barns, warehouses and everything you can imagine. Possibility of acquiring other propriedades in the region. Excellent logistics because the dry port of the Federal District and the railroad. Deadline for payment of up to four years. R $ 5,424.11 / ha

Location: 200 km of the Federal District and 12 km from asphalt

Crop: 4,000 ha planted with soybeans, 15 years crop, soil and corrected. (3 300ha irrigated with pivot). The remaining area is standby.

Altitude: 1050 meters.

Hydrography: Headwaters dams, piped water on site.

4 – Full Metal Silos Kepler Weber to 50,000 bags each.
1 – Kepler Weber hopper complete with aeration, to 5,000 bags.
1 – R 315 Kepler air dryer, galvanized fan with higher capacity 60 ton / hour, the gas (full)
1 – Table gravitational streaming box with motorized power and lung.
1 – Metal Shed 1.165m2 to 43,000 bags, concrete floor, hopper for 900 bags, wood dryer capacity 8 ton, side porch of 364m2 workshop and garages for machines.
1 – Shed 832m2 with masonry, metal roof, concrete floor for inputs and seed hopper for 600 bags, side porch to 410m2 under the machine.
1 – Shed 800m2 with masonry coverage of asbestos concrete floor, with a side porch of 11×40, with three rooms and warehouse side porch of 40 to 11x deposit and manufactures feed.
1 – 240 m2 warehouse for masonry concrete floor for deposit.
1 – 240 m2 warehouse for metal cover, 16 partitions for pigs and two rooms for stockpiles of food.
1 – 240 m2 warehouse for masonry, concrete floor to butcher cattle and hogs with room for deposit.
1 – Colonial main house 174 m2 2 rooms, 4 bedrooms, kitchen, barbecue area.
1 – House of 229 m2 accommodation, canteen, balcony.
1 – house manager, 2 / 4 100 m2 kitchen area churasqueira.
1 – House of 100 m2 manager room 3 bedrooms (2 suites) kitchen, balcony, etc..
8 – Housing officials.
4 – Apartments containing bathrooms, balconies, etc. total of 100m2.
1 – Balance Road to 80 tons with attached 62m2, 3 rooms, 2 toilets, etc..
3 – Pivots (80’s, 120’s, 100’s, with PVC water mains, seven pump 150, 400, 100 engines and 125 hp ..
1 – 300 kva transformer.
1 – 225 kva transformer.
2 – 112.5 kva transformer.
1 – 6 with mastic Corral dividing with the shipper, part of the trunk covered with cement floor and Bret.
Well a semi artesian, with water tank type glass of 8000 liters
1 – box type metallic cup of water to 20,000 liters.
1 – cx. Water cylinder type metal to 45,000 liters.

Price: 1,250,000 bushels of soybeans

Memorial calculation: A 1,250,000 x $ 24.30 sc / sc = R or R $ 30,375,000.00 $ 5,133.93 / ha

Deadline for payment: Up to four years

NOTE: This property is located at the entrance of a great agricultural region, with approximately 50,000’s crop of soybeans, corn, beans, etc.. Region with good rainfall, clay soil, so it’s ideal for growing sugar cane, because the low prices of agricultural products, soybeans, corn, cotton, etc., local producers are looking for other viable alternatives. We are selling some properties in this region and other leasing could reach 20,000 to 25,000 ha of land of excellent quality, ideal area for installation of a sugar and alcohol.

OBS.: Other nearby areas may be purchased from third parties, increasing the size of the property.