Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Buriticupu, Maranhão, Brazil

Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Buriticupu, Maranhão, Brazil

These are two distinct properties with combined area of ​​17,424 ha. Climatic conditions, soil, and rainfall make land suitable for farming, and because of its proximity to the railway line “Carajás,” it is an excellent choice for planting sugarcane. R $ 2,582.64 /ha

Area 1
Size: 1,600 acres x 4.84 = 7.744 ha
Location: Located in the city of Ma-Buriticupu facing BR 222. Area of pasture, suitable for planting grain and sugar cane.

Price: $ 15,000 / acre
NOTE: Good area with documentation and without squatters. Near the Carajás Railroad.

Area 2
Size: 2,000 acres x 4.84 = 9.680 ha
Location: Located in the city of Buriticupu – MA, facing BR 222, pasture area, complete with improvements.
NOTE: Area with documentation, no squatters near the Carajás railroad.
Price: $ 10,000 / ha

NOTE: These two areas of Maranhão are not linked. If you are interested, you can form a larger area of ​​30,000 ha or more.