Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Barra do Corda,Tuntum, Maranhão, Brazil

Agricultural Farmland for Sale in Barra do Corda,Tuntum, Maranhão, Brazil

Several ranches in Maranhao suitable for planting sugar cane, oil seeds for biodiesel, forestry and the planting of cereals under rainfed. High rainfall and high use for planting. Options must. REPORT OF AREAS FOR SUGAR CANE, oilseeds, Reforestation AND PLANTING IN CEREALS REGIME Sequeira – MA


Municipality: Barra do Corda and MA-Grajaú.

Documents: 4 scriptures (3 of Barra do Corda and Grajaú 1), no settlers, needing to georeferencing, 100% documentation.

Size: 30,000 + 5000 ha

Rivers: the River Rope handle and 5 to 6 streams are born within the area and may impound.

Access: 56 km from Grajaú-23 asphalt and 33 gravel road in good traffic, where it passes the trucks with coal to Açailândia.

Altitude of 200 meters, clay from 20 to 22%, rainfall from 1400 to 1600. mm / year, energy will pass inside the area light to everyone in the program, use about 75% of the area for planting.

And price conditions: $ 400 view


Municipality: Tuntum distant about 300 km from Teresina

Documents: 100% lack geo

Size: 42,000 ha

Rivers: River bounded by Gypsy

Access: To see the area only by air, lack of access roads to the area.

Essays: land of red clay, wavy light ground, about 65% rainfall of 1500 mm / year, 25% clay;

Price and conditions: £ 300.00 / ha view


City: MA-Parnarama

Document: 100% failure in all geographic areas.

Size: Several areas of 1000 ha to 6000 ha, which together make up 40,000 ha

Access: For a good gravel road, 120 km away from Teresina

Rivers: Bathed and the Rio Parnaíba Riachão

Essays: 65% Cocal and cerrado land, rainfall of 1400 mm / year.

Price and conditions: Average price R $ 350.00 / ha in sight.