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Mine Properties

Brazil, the world’s first largest country, is rich in geological diversity and possesses a plethora of mineral, ranging from large iron ore deposits, to gold, to diamonds, and vast reserves of oil and natural gas. Only 30% of the territory is geologically mapped, so undiscovered reserves are being found on a daily basis, and its active and modern mining industry is helping with the exploitation of these large mineral deposits. As countries such as China seek new sources of energy and new metal reserves used for high-tech manufacturing, a wave of international investors and mining companies is entering the market.

Intelligent Real Estate Solutions’ mining group sees the growth in Brazil’s mining market and its international team of realtors is prepared to provide the following services:

  • Buying, selling, leasing, or developing mining property
  • Focus is as always on “Buyer Agent Representative” relationships – i.e. helping the small to large-scale foreign investor buy mines in Brazil
  • We specialize in the main categories of mining – surface, sub-surface, and unconsolidated mines
  • Other tenant agent services
  • Site selection and market research
  • A full suite of legal services, which include negotiating and drafting contracts in both English and Portuguese, documentation, title work, and financing
  • More legal and business services, such as due diligence on Sellers, business planning, partner matching, foreign entity incorporation, and tax consulting
  • Providing machinery procurement, excavation, and labor hiring services
  • Ongoing business consulting
  • Translation services
  • Relocation services, which include finding temporary accommodations for expatriates as well as resolving immigration, residency, and moving issues
  • Property management services, such as mine management, waste management, community relations, security, and temporary housing for miners

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